Chandelier Lamp Handmade

Chandelier Lamp Handmade

Pendant lights are one of the more stylish types of lighting. Hanging light fixtures are often installed in kitchens above a kitchen island or in dining rooms above the dining room table. Pendant lighting is attached from the ceiling, providing helpful and ambient light. Hanging light fixtures often have both a functional and decorative feel. Glass pendant lighting provides the light you need to enjoy the room you are in, but also adds a decorative feel. Guests may come over and compliment the pendants in your home. Most often glass pendant lights are installed in the kitchen or dining room. If you have a pool table you may feel the need to install a hanging lamp above the table. There are a range of different kinds of pendant hanging lights you can choose from single bulb varieties to 3 light pendants.

Pendant Lights by Type:

You may be looking for pendants that are used above the kitchen island only. Wood pendant lights for the kitchen are oftentimes in the form of multi light pendants that hang down from the ceiling and cast light on your kitchen island. You could also install mini pendant lights from your ceiling. The space you have depends on how many hanging light fixtures you install. If you have a lot of room, you could buy three mini pendants and install them separate distances apart. Drum pendant lighting looks like a drum without the stand. These are popular overlooking kitchen tables. A foyer pendant light works nicely in a hallway or entry way.

Chandelier Lamp Handmade by Material or Color:

Material is another option you have when choosing pendant lighting that works for you. During your renovation, there are a lot of decisions to make. Pendants are a household purchase you can enjoy well after they are installed. Materials include wood, glass, metal, or fabric. Wood pendant lights portray a lovely feel above a kitchen island, while metal often works in an entryway or dining room. Mixing and matching the color of your pendant light is important. We have a range of finishes including white, black, gold, bronze, red, and others. A black pendant light can look great in a rustic or contemporary home. A clear glass pendant light can match with a lot of your existing decor, so it’s easier to mold into an existing style.

Pendant Lights by Style:

Pendants are hanging light fixtures that can fall into a range of styles. It is our job to curate a wide selection of options so that you can find the best one for your unique home. No two homes are the same. As a result, we curate pendant lighting that falls into many different styles. You can purchase a modern pendant in your kitchen that portrays that feel. If you have a more rustic kitchen, glass pendant lights with a bronze finish might be best for you. Crystal pendant lighting casts a beautiful design to the room in which you decide to install it in. A crystal pendant light can glam up your kitchen, dining room, or foyer. For a room that would benefit from lots of light consider the use of 3 light pendants. Use the filters on the page to browse pendant lights that follow a certain style.

At Dezaart, we try to make sure you always have many options for your home and your Chandelier Lamp Handmade


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